Welcome to our weekly news post, where each week we share nine snippets of what the team has been working on: from client work to behind-the-scenes projects. This week we’ve been busy with design work for clients in London, New York, and beyond; building out some client websites; and much more.

We’ve been busy with design work for a tech client. 

We’ve been creating client-facing materials for the Australian office of a global client.

Creating documentation for a client in the global finance industry.

For one of our client’s websites, we’ve been developing a new page template.

We created some ad concepts for a global financial organisation.

We’re building out a new website section for a client in the healthcare sector.

We experimented with Adobe Express’ AI generation tool.

Working towards an abstract graphic element to unify branded materials for a client in the technology sector.

Sketching out an idea for a Pardot newsletter before creating a design in Adobe XD.

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