Technology-focused investment management company Coatue have shared their predictions for what the future of AI may hold. Here are five highlights from their whitepaper entitled ‘The AI Revolution’.

1. On-device AI will likely become more widespread

People could have LLMs on their phones, especially if Apple’s rumoured AI strategy comes to fruition. According to Coatue, this could lead to over one billion iPhone users becoming AI users.

2. Engineers will face the challenge of scaling AI

Engineers are essential in efforts to successfully scale AI, and Coatue say that OpenAI has increased its engineering headcount ‘over 3x since GPT-3 came out’.

3. AI may become ‘even more impactful and autonomous’

This doesn’t just mean that creative content generation will improve, or that marketers will be able to use AI tools to support their work. Coatue expects that we will see AI doctors, AI lawyers, and AI scientists in the future.

4. We may see the creation of an AI ‘super-app’

This super-app would potentially serve as a one-stop-shop for users, encompassing the capabilities of existing web browsers as well as standalone apps.

5. Proprietary data will unlock new AI capabilities

The combination of AI with your personal data could allow Nintendo to offer you infinite gaming worlds, Johnson & Johnson to offer you personalised medication, or Netflix to generate shows for you on-demand (an episode in the latest series of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror explored the latter).

Although Coatue has analysed relevant market data to make these predictions, there is no way to guarantee what the future of AI holds. Even one of these predictions coming to fruition could mean big changes to the way we live, socialise, and work.

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