Google is 25 years old, meaning that Search data is able to reflect 2.5 decades of human history. This time period includes, of course, the rapid popularisation of the internet, the genesis of social networks sites and YouTube – as well as much more. Google’s video (below) uses Search data to highlight cultural and historic moments from the last 25 years.

It feels a bit like an epic version of YouTube rewind, but also like something that might one day be in a museum: providing a look into the lives of humans in the early 21st century. The video features everybody’s favourite pop culture icons, sports heroes, and cartoon characters, as well as historic moments, and scientific and medical breakthroughs.

Here’s a roundup of some Search highlights:

  1. Black Lives Matter was the most searched movement.
  2. The 1980s were the most searched decade.
  3. LeBron James was the most searched MVP.
  4. Virat Kohli was the most searched cricketer.
  5. BLACKPINK were the most searched girl band, and BTS were the most searched boy band.
  6. Beyoncé was the most searched performer.
  7. Pride was the most searched parade.
  8. The ALS ice bucket challenge was the most searched challenge.
  9. Albert Einstein was the most searched scientist.
  10. Taylor Swift was the most searched songwriter.

Google’s video highlights that humanity comes together to celebrate our collective wins, and to support each other during times of need.

One commenter wrote, ‘This video is extremely special. Almost like a time capsule for humanity.’ Another said, ‘I’m 25 and I have tears in my eyes. This is literally everything I experienced in life in 4 minutes. I think it’s wonderful that we can capture such a great chapter of humanity in such a short video.’ The comment directly below says, ‘I turned 97 today. This video reminds me that I’m getting old. Lots of wonderful memories. Thank you Google and YouTube.’

Watch the video for yourself here:

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