InterSurgeon map

InterSurgeon connects surgeons from across the world via a digital platform that Novagram created. We recently enhanced this platform by making some changes to the interactive map featured on the website’s homepage, in order to add a specific focus to those working in burns care.

Prior to this work, the map was able to display the location of clinicians and organisations that were offering or requesting services through InterSurgeon. Since InterSurgeon has members in 112 countries, the UX we designed needed to make it easy to sign up and stay connected. We achieved this, and our recent changes have made the map even more comprehensive.

We designed a restructured version of the original map, making it easier to use with a brand new map key. As part of this, we redesigned and updated the marker popup windows on the map, in order to show member, partnership and offer/request count information.

Working with the Google Maps API, we created new custom logic which allows users to just view clinicians and organisations working in burns care, hiding all other map markers.

In addition to this, we made performance enhancements to the map, improving the load time – and also made responsive improvements to how the map and key items work on mobile.

Dr Jim Gallagher, a New York based surgeon with a specialty in treating burns injuries, commented on this to say that “communication and collaboration will increase in ways as never before” in the global community of burns care providers as a result of Novagram’s work for InterSurgeon. Among many benefits that the recent enhancements will bring, Dr Gallagher went on to say that there “will be the identification of Plastics Reconstructive Burn training sites in LMIC nations” and that InterSurgeon can now “assist in identification of training for young surgeons looking for training in the field.”

Learn more about our work with InterSurgeon, and get in touch if you are an organisation that could benefit from our services.

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