InterSurgeon connects surgeons from across the world via a digital platform that Novagram created. In a recent news update shared by InterSurgeon, Dr Jabang – The Gambia’s only neurosurgeon – shared how he is working to expand the number of neurosurgeons in The Gambia, using the InterSurgeon platform:

“I go to InterSurgeon and I go to my account. And then I go to the offers and requests. So I just have to sit down and really take my time. Go to see somebody, read their profile, look at what they are offering or what they are requesting. … Usually when I see somebody and I see their contact I usually send them a message and say, ‘Hi this is my email, this is my WhatsApp, could you please get back to me?’, and they do.”

The platform has allowed Dr Jabang to forge connections with surgeons from the USA and Switzerland, and is planning on more collaborations in the future.

We are delighted to see that the platform we built for InterSurgeon has now attracted surgeons from 112 countries and has been able to facilitate life-saving collaborations.

Our work for InterSurgeon is detailed further here.

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