A recent Print Magazine article by creative all-rounder Amelia Nash explores why 2023 was the year of rebranding.

This past year, we witnessed many companies across industries choosing to redefine themselves. But why the sudden surge in rebrands and brand refreshes? COVID-19 has brought profound and rapid global changes, and the branding sphere is no exception. Market research firm Hanover found that 75% of companies revamped their visual identities post-2020, while UpCity’s 2022 survey reported a 51% change in brand strategy due to the pandemic.

According to Nash, there are two key motivators driving these rebranding efforts: necessity and opportunity. Nash writes:

Necessity often arises from mergers, leadership shifts, or public perception crises. Meanwhile, opportunity stems from growth projections, substantial shifts in products/services, or market-driven company restructuring.

In addition to these two key drivers, here are some more reasons you might want to embark on a rebranding project of your own this year:

To Adapt to a Dynamic World

Staying relevant and market-competitive by aligning with changing consumer needs.

It might have been some time since you last updated your brand. If so, we can help you discern what changes need to be made, and how your existing brand elements can be optimised or updated.

We are able to help our clients adapt their brands to better align with current audiences, or expand their reach to include audiences that are entirely new.

To Reflect/Reinforce Values and Vision

It’s not just about a new look; rebrands reflect a company’s core values and vision for the future.

Clarifying the core of your brand is an essential pursuit. Going deeper than aesthetics, we conduct thorough research to get to the root of our clients’ brands. We believe that laying a strong foundation is the best way to set a project up for success, and this starts by familiarising ourselves with the heart and soul of a company.

To Stay Technologically Relevant

Establishing a more robust digital presence and enhancing user experiences in an increasingly online world.

When did you last update your website? In a digital landscape that’s constantly shifting, it’s likely that you may be due for a change. We are able to deliver sites that last as long as our clients need them to – with many of our sites remaining relevant for over a decade.

To Evolve with the Customer

Signals a commitment to growth and innovation, driving companies to meet changing customer demands.

Your audience and client-base are at the core of everything you do. If your brand needs to evolve to suit your customers, Novagram can help. Working across a range of industries for many years has afforded us the knowledge and experience to craft a brand that will help you connect with your customers.

To Reposition for the Future

Strategic repositioning allows companies to capture new markets and expand their global footprint for the future.

Staying ahead of your competitors starts with your branding. If you’re looking to reposition, expand on your niche, or broach a new market, getting your brand in good shape is an essential step in the process.

Whether you’re interested in rebranding for one of these reasons, a combination, or an entirely different set of motivators, get in touch. Novagram has been the trusted branding partner of countless companies, and we’d love to help you too.

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