Pearlfisher’s Yael Alaton talks about the power of desire, and how it can be harnessed by brands:

Desire, as the driving force of all relationships, means we can invest in the dynamic energy that exists between people and brands: creating, sustaining, and fueling this currency over time to achieve long-term business growth and success.

Alaton details the five principles of desire that apply to both branding, and life in general. These principles include: ‘Desire is not a luxury. It is vital to all relationships’; ‘Desire does not happen spontaneously. It needs to be cultivated over time’; ‘Desire is not just momentary. It is the key to timelessness’, and more.

The article concludes with some short and simple advice on how to build brand value using desire. The key seems to be dedication, patience and a commitment to cultivating your brand.

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