Action for Burns & Children is a UK-based fundraising organisation dedicated to the prevention of burn and scald injuries and the rehabilitation of seriously burned young people in South Africa. 

It was set up after the founders spent time in that country and saw the often devastating consequences on young lives of easily-avoided fires and the difficulties of gaining proper treatment for burns.

The ABC logo created by NovagramThe overlapping letters form the shape of an angel at the centre of this logo.
The ABC logo that Novagram created is clever, original and inventive. We love it!
Carolyn Cripps OBE
Co-Founder, Action for Burns & Children

Novagram was tasked with branding ABC as well as designing and developing a website to better attract engagement in order to further their cause.

The stunning new logo we created uncovers something magical by bringing together the a, b, and c. As part of our discovery phase, we learned that while most money raised goes to children who have been burned, some is directed to non-burns-related charity work for children. As such, we wanted the a for Action to overlap with both the b for Burns and the c for Children, so as to help convey this. In doing so, and by carefully choosing the right font, we created the ‘angel’ figure formed by these overlapping letters.

Novagram’s website for Action for Burns & Children The website features interactive maps showing the route of this organisation’s popular sponsored bike and hike through South Africa.

The result of Novagram’s work is a fresh, colourful brand identity that’s both visually appealing and impactful as well as a website that clearly communicates ABC’s mission.This charitable organisation is now well-positioned to boost its important work and fundraising.

We are delighted with Novagram’s work. They took the time to understand our organisation and, by creating a thoughtfully-designed fundraising website and materials, made it easy for people to engage.
Carolyn Cripps OBE
Co-Founder, Action for Burns & Children

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