BPL is the world’s leading broker specialising exclusively in credit and political risk insurance (CPRI) for multinational corporations, banks and financial institutions.

BPL’s logo, designed by Novagram The three shapes that form the chevron reflect not only the BPL’s three founders, but also allude to the firm’s position as a broker – an intermediary between two parties.
When it absolutely, definitely has to be done right, you can count on Novagram.
James Esdaile
Chairman, BPL


BPL (formerly BPL global) has always been far ahead of its competition—at least on paper. It had the largest team dedicated to CPRI, a healthy market share and regularly won industry awards.

However, prior to partnering with Novagram, outdated branding and marketing materials were weakening BPL’s position in the market, undermining their accomplishments. A highly reserved approach to talking about the firm’s own successes compounded the problem. The company also faced increasingly stiff competition from the largest multinational insurance corporations with close ties to prospective Fortune 500 clients.

Our initial task was to reposition BPL to compete more effectively against firms many times its size. After a successful rebrand, we have risen to the further challenge of helping BPL’s brand evolve to reflect their growth over the years.

A quick introduction to BPL This slideshow video was put together by Novagram to highlight the new photography commissioned as part of the brand update and to (re)introduce BPL to clients both new and old.


We initiated a creative strategy to rejuvenate BPL’s brand and overhaul perceptions of the firm within both its marketplace and existing customer base.

We began by conducting research to understand the business, its sector, and its competition, spending time with BPL’s executive team. Insights gained at this stage greatly informed the resulting creative work.

Drawing on the three-part ownership of the brand we developed a three-part logo, one made up of adjoining squares in the form of a stylised chevron. It not only reflects the trio of founders, but alludes to the firm’s position as a broker: an intermediary between two parties. The colours we used – green, navy and sky blue – also brought to life the elements of land, sea and air, indicating the breadth of their global activities.

We developed a simple, powerful message for the firm to rally behind. We reasoned that if BPL was a world leader, then it should say so. This idea, along with a deliberate ownership of the acronym ‘CPRI’ form the basis of the company’s new tagline – ‘World Leading CPRI’ – and is extended throughout the brand to highlight different aspects of their business where they can also lay claim to be ‘world leading’.

We designed and developed a new responsive website, event and marketing materials, annual reports, advertising, policy templates and client documentation to support the brand. An award-winning photographer was commissioned to shoot a range of striking black and white images for the new website to communicate the diversity of BPL’s team, as well as highlight the architecture of the firm’s London headquarters and the surrounding area.

James Esdaile, BPL’s Chairman, spoke about Novagram’s most recent updates to BPL’s brand, which included simplifying the brand name to ‘BPL’ from ‘BPL Global’, saying: “The transition feels like a natural progression. Most within our market have long referred to us as “BPL” – and given our business has always been shaped by our clients, it is only fitting that we embrace this identity to represent more closely who we are and where we are headed.”

BPL’s website By putting the emphasis back onto its people, and using a simple, modern design, we developed a more approachable image for the company.


Novagram has delivered a complete brand overhaul for BPL. The tagline, a new logo, website, and supporting materials were all designed to communicate the human side of the business and promote their world-leading status.

Our work will support and extend BPL’s market dominance for years to come. By focusing on a simple, powerful message – consistently applied across all client touchpoints – Novagram’s work has supported BPL’s burgeoning success in a competitive global marketplace.

Throughout the entire process of working with Novagram there was strong communication and a fast/efficient service. Every deliverable was given to us on time and at an extremely high standard. In the end, Novagram transformed the BPL brand from the new website to marketing materials, that reinvigorated our image. They have delivered a service of design and branding that has put us on the front foot in our market.
Charles Berry
Founding Director, BPL
BPL's website We designed and developed a responsive website that portrays confidence and approachability. The site integrates Google Translate for automatic translations into French and German.

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