Eliot Partnership is the global insurance industry’s leading executive search firm. The company prides itself on its global, yet boutique, nature and works out of eight offices located across four continents.

Video used on Eliot Partnership’s home page A looping video background adds some drama to the messaging at the top of Eliot Partnership’s website.


Our task was to communicate their business in an original and powerful way across their website, presentations and other client-facing materials. Eliot Partnership is unique in its approach, and required a strategy that would communicate this by reflecting not only the firm’s identity and values, but also the nature of the insurance industry itself. It was important that their messaging spoke equally to their two primary audiences, clients and candidates in the insurance industry.

Client documentation Novagram created a range of user editable templates to handle all of Eliot Partnership’s client communications.
Animation adds sophistication All page elements through Eliot Partnership’s website employ subtle introductory animations to help make the best possible first impression on visitors.


We began by carrying out in-depth client and competitor research as well as taking the time to thoroughly understand Eliot Partnership’s approach. This helped us to create a strong brand message, which we supported with effective design.
A primary goal was to deliver a clean, modern website. At each stage, we took every possible effort to ensure that our work would be as effective as possible—meticulously honing every detail of the new site.

We also worked in partnership with award-winning photographer David Levenson to establish a photographic style for team photos. Following our guidance, this style was then emulated across the international offices.

Information design Working to a brief, we designed this two-page document which contains a large amount of data about Eliot Partnership, presented in an easily understandable format.


The messaging we created centres around the line, “It takes extraordinary people to manage risk. We find them.” This speaks simultaneously to the firm’s clients (including the world’s largest insurers) as well as the individuals the firm places. By introducing the idea of ‘risk’ and identifying insurers’ ability to manage this, we make heroes from those in the industry. The phrase also speaks to Eliot’s ability to find extraordinary people for their clients. Eliot Partnership have been using this phrase continuously for over a decade, during which time their business has grown considerably.

Putting the emphasis onto ‘finding’ extraordinary people While the industry term is ‘executive search’, we found an original way to communicate the result of the search, while complimenting those working in the profession.

Novagram also delivered a sophisticated, modern website. It features background video and loading animations throughout and its content is managed in-house by Eliot Partnership, using guidance we provided. It is made available in two languages – with an automated German translation delivered seamlessly via Google Translate. Using best-practice development and SEO techniques, our work has also significantly improved the firm’s search rankings for relevant keywords.

The website was accompanied by new presentation and client-facing materials that support the firm’s business objectives by improving information delivery to prospective clients. Eliot Partnership now enjoys improved brand communications and a website that is fitting for the insurance industry’s leading executive search firm.

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