Impellus is one of the foremost leadership training companies in the UK and has trained individuals and teams from over 8,000 companies. Among their extensive client list are household names such as Sony, PepsiCo, Mercedes-Benz, Financial Times and the University of Oxford.

Novagram named Impellus and created this timeless logo The name, with a Latin-esque sound, evokes a sense of learnedness and draws on the words “impel” (to drive forwards) and “us”.


When the company first approached us, they were a start-up needing both a name and brand identity. We spent time with them to gain a detailed understanding of their business, target audiences and strategy and we were then tasked with developing a strong, trustworthy brand from the ground up.

Examples of page loading animations on the Impellus website The new Impellus website was reimagined from the ground up. It integrates deeply with the company’s Salesforce account.


A name is a powerful thing. Our goal was to find one for this fledgling company that would project confidence, professionalism and aspiration, and help make this start-up stand out. We considered every angle, including meaningfulness, pronunciation, comprehension, and the availability of domain names and social media handles. Our first-choice name “Impellus” was a winner from the get-go.

We took on the design and development of Impellus’ website for the first time in 2014, and in 2021 created a substantially upgraded site that integrates deeply with Impellus’ Salesforce account to keep track of data including new leads and live availability across all Impellus courses. More recently, we played a significant role in helping Impellus launch an online customer portal, designing and coding the front-end and working in collaboration with a programming team.

The Impellus Business Centre The Business Centre, designed by Novagram, allows Impellus customers to complete and submit coursework, check their progress, and get support.

In addition to naming, branding, website design and development; designing course directories, certificates and advertisements; Novagram have also designed every single workbook for every course offered by Impellus, as well as the presentation materials used by their training team.

Novagram designed workbooks to accompany every training course Everyone that takes an Impellus course chooses to receive either a printed workbook or a PDF version. All were designed by Novagram and make an excellent first impression for new customers.
Presentations created using PowerPoint We designed every presentation used by Impellus, in a format that makes it easy for the company to make changes themselves.


Impellus came to us with great ideas, and we provided them with a brand identity that embodied a sense of strength and modernity, and also positively differentiated Impellus from their competitors.

Working with Impellus to create their brand, and to support their growth, has been a privilege, and we enjoy our ongoing work with the company. Our relationship with Impellus has now lasted for over a decade.

The Impellus website As with all our website design and development projects, the Impellus website works perfectly on all devices.

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