Mereworth Wines produces award-winning English sparkling wine, as well as other premium drinks, from the fruit they grow in their own vineyard in Mereworth, Kent. Innovative and impassioned, their sparkling wines have even outperformed well-known Champagne brands in blind taste tests.

Mereworth’s branding is simple and classic The copper-coloured circle and fine lines are a nod towards the fine craftsmanship found in horology.


Mereworth wanted their brand to be a modern classic— a simple, unique and recognisable identity that would last for decades without changing. It had to unite all of their current and future products as well as convey the brand characteristics of exceptionally high quality, precision and honesty. It needed to look and feel expensive and be worthy of their award-winning drinks and premium prices.

The branding is distinctive, striking and modern, and I think it taps in nicely to that approachable, expressive style that is evident in the wine inside the bottles.


We started work on the Mereworth brand by thinking outside the bottle. We looked to time-honoured English brands as well as premium Champagne brands (including Dom Perignon and Bollinger) and sought to identify what it was about the branding itself—quite apart from the products—that felt refined and classic. We identified a number of characteristics including simplicity, idiosyncrasy and modesty.

The core ideas in our final solution arrived as a result of this process. We then created dozens of iterations, working closely with Mereworth founder William Boscawen who introduced a master-stroke of his own. In order to make his sparkling wine a truly English product, he wanted to avoid the use of French terminology on the labels (unlike all other English producers). Thus, ‘Blanc de Blancs’ became ‘White from White’ and ‘Blanc de Noirs’ became ‘White from Black’. This idiosyncratic naming strategy dovetailed perfectly with our ideas for a classic modern design.

English wording for English wines The unique, idiosyncratic naming of Mereworth’s wines makes perfect sense and helps set this brand apart.
There’s a huge amount of scrutiny that goes into purchasing wine at a premium price and we want to give our customers the confidence that they have made the right decision. Our sparkling wines are of the highest quality, but to a first-time buyer the outside of the bottle is extremely important too. If our products are on the same shelf as the grand marques, they have to look better than them. And thanks to Novagram’s work, I think they do. The rebranded products have made a profound difference to our business. As part of our company’s journey, they have greatly contributed to the feeling that we are no longer artisans, but professionals.
William Boscawen
Founder, Mereworth Wines
The luxurious, copper-lined neck foil Like the coloured lining of a fine suit, Mereworth’s branding delivers a moment of delight as the foil is unwrapped.
Mereworth’s cork and cage The copper theme extends to the colouring of the cage.
Front and back labels for Mereworth’s aperitif brand, Marourde We used the same copper ‘halo’ to make it part of the same brand family. For the back label we also created illustrations to show the cocktails. And because our dedication to our craft knows no bounds, we also spent time sampling these drinks just to make absolutely sure that the details were correct.


We sought to achieve an immutable design with the use of a simple circle—the ‘Mereworth halo’—rendered in copper foil. Crucially, research showed no other competing drinks brand using this device in the same way. Our design appears modern, clean, and confident.

The fine foiled lines just inside the outer copper circle are inspired by the time-honoured refinement of horology (a marker for luxury) and their width was specified—after consultation with the printer, Royston—to be as thin as it was possible to accurately foil. The subtle blind embossing inside the circle also extends as close to other finishes as is possible and lends a delightful tactility to the labels. Finally, precise varnishing raises the surface and adds gloss to the Mereworth brand name at the circle’s centre. By pushing the printing technology to its limits, the labels achieve a rare level of refinement.

Mereworth loves their new brand identity and its application across their range of drinks. It’s a hit with their customers too.

Working to Novagram’s specifications, we pushed our technical capabilities to the limit with these designs and the results are spectacular.
Glyn Scriven
Head of Sales, Royston Labels
Highly refined luxury packaging We pushed the boundaries of what was possible with fine labelling techniques.

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