Mesmerise is an enterprise-focused advisory that boasts expertise in immersive technology, AI, and sustainability. It serves as a trusted guide to companies seeking digital innovation. Based between the UK and US, the company is building a reputation for consulting with—and delivering immersive experiences for—clients such as Morningstar, The Economist, Diageo, Allianz, and USA Today.

The Mesmerise brand ident and short promo The new logo is brought to life in this promo as other elements of the brand identity combine with shots from virtual spaces created by Mesmerise. Ident and video by Nick Esdaile and Joe Fellows.


Mesmerise turned to Novagram to help establish a compelling brand identity. We worked as part of a collaborative team to evolve the company’s existing logo and build out the rest of the brand identity. Novagram was then tasked with designing and developing a dynamic website which would incorporate animation and video.

A page on the mesmerise website A dramatic flyover video showing one of Mesmerise’s VR environments is used alongside some thought-provoking wording to help change minds about what a business meeting might look like.


Our team examined other tech companies in Europe and the US to see how they presented themselves and what made them stand out. We then developed ideas that combined elements of Mesmerise’s existing brand identity with a visual framework that would provide a foundation upon which to build.

When designing the website, we used our research to ensure that the designs we delivered were original. As we developed the website, these designs were brought to life with animation and engaging UX.

In addition to our work on Mesmerise’s logo and website, we developed sales materials and presentations, designed internal documentation, digital and printed stationery, as well as event materials. We also created guidance for using the brand identity and administering the website.

PowerPoint presentation We brought the Mesmerise presentation template to life with built-in animations and a huge variety of slide templates, so it’s easy for anyone to create professional, engaging presentations.


The result of Novagram’s work is a website that communicates Mesmerise’s offer in an engaging way. The detailed brand guidelines and website instructions we provided ensure that Mesmerise can be self-sufficient. We continue to work with Mesmerise.

Selected pages from Mesmerise’s brand guidelines Novagram created detailed brand guidelines so that Mesmerise could be as self-sufficient as possible.

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