The Space is a public-sector arts organisation, funded by the BBC and Arts Council England, that commissions and funds new digital artworks in the UK. The Space also brings traditional art forms such as opera and gallery installations to wider audiences via digital media. It has showcased some of the biggest names in the art world, such as Ai Weiwei, as well as up-and-coming artists, dramatists and musicians.

Novagram’s new logo for The Space Part of the brief was to create lockups showing The Spaces’s logo alongside those of the BBC and Arts Council England, as well as the logos of arts organisations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
An ident for The Space The Space’s new logo allows for almost infinite customisation.


After winning a three-way pitch, where we came up against much larger agencies, we were commissioned to replace the previous (Wolff Olins-designed) identity for The Space. The brief was to bring more life to the brand and make it inspiring, creative and dynamic for digital platforms. The client wanted the new identity to be flexible enough to stay relevant for many years. Though the BBC has enormous brand recognition, many people simply hadn’t heard of The Space; worryingly, even some of those who had barely had any idea of what it actually did.

Our tagline for The Space As part of our deliverables, Novagram created this tagline which neatly communicates what The Space does.
Brand guidelines for The Space Novagram delivered comprehensive brand guidelines for The Space as well as a shorter brand guide to be used by third parties.


We tackled this project by putting art at the heart of the new brand. We created a logo that was flexible enough to be able to include excerpts of artworks, so it had unlimited possibilities. In addition to the logo, we worked with video director Nick Esdaile to create an animated TV ident. We also designed templates for pitches and presentations, signage, brand guidelines and marketing and events materials. We also produced designs to help a third-party agency develop an accessible website for The Space.

Thank you so much for our new look ‘Space’. We’re delighted with how it looks as are our stakeholders at the BBC and ACE. Thanks for all your efforts and creative thinking – it’s been a pleasure working with you.
Fiona Morris
Chief Executive and Creative Director, The Space
Event bannersNovagram has created a wide range of materials to support the new brand, including these event banners.


The result of the project was a new brand identity for The Space that was more dynamic and appropriate for digital platforms. The flexible logo we created could include abstracted snippets of artworks, whether stationary or animated. The Space also received praise from their primary stakeholders, the BBC and Arts Council of England.

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